Charter of Rights

Your Individual Rights

To be given respect as an individual

  • To be treated with dignity
  • To have status, regardless of disability
  • To be given access to services and resources
  • According to individual needs
  • Not to be discriminated against
  • To be a partner and be consulted and fully
  • Involved in decisions
  • To accept or refuse a service

Your Information

  • To receive information about Silverlake Care prior to admission
  • To comment upon, complain about and participate in the quality of care received
  • You may choose to have a relative, friend or advisor to represent your wishes and ensure your rights are protected
  • To be advised of the services available to you and the implications of refusing a service

Your Responsibility

  • To take part in planning and reviewing care
  • To consent to, or refuse a service, subject to consideration of your own health, welfare or safety or that of other residents – subject to your legal status
  • To make financial contributions toward the cost of your accommodation

Your Confidentiality

  • To know the information given to, or received from you will be relevant, accurate, kept secure and will be treated confidentially
  • To know that this information will be obtained fairly and carefully, held only for lawful purposes and not used or disclosed to a third party without your consent

Your Healthcare

  • To choose your own medical and dental practitioner
  • To receive health and social care services
  • To know that any medication is given on the instruction of a registered medical practitioner

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